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Category: Comedy

A show about nothing has been done… so passé-ish. So let’s try a show about everything, with a twist. Discover all the fun, weird and hardly known facts-ish about all things regular and mundane. Along with their favorite-ish beverages of the evening, Shena Keys and Jennifer Durno dive deep into the everyday and find the hilarity of the ordinary. You think you know? You don’t know ish!!

April 25, 2017

Dammit Tara! Flatulence and Frightening Farfalle…ish.


The girls teach you how your farts could be worth thousands! Shena makes bodily function confessions. Jen gets scared by a Slender fictional man. Little girls are evil.

Twitter:  @_youdontknowish

Instagram:  @youdontknowish_podcast

Email: youdontknowishpodcast@gmail.com

Facebook...who the hell knows...something with "You Don't Know Ish" in it...ish.

April 13, 2017

Scott Baio! Idioms and Idiots…ish.


The girls are on location at Lake Erie. So what else would they do but drink some Great Lakes Brewing Company beverages!  We hit the nail on the head with that one... learn about the history of these types of phrases and more.  Special feature - Joe Merle from our friends at Those Movie Guys podcast writes in his real life terrifying ghost tale!